Case Histories

Andrew, 14-year-old male: Soccer, baseball and volleyball player. Pain for 18 months. Pediatrician unable to help, and advised foregoing sports until better. Orthopedist tried immobilizing with a cast, phenylbutazone and crutches, then aspirin. No results. Presented to Dr. Wright, MD who recommended 2 micronutrients. Playing soccer again in one month, completely pain-free in two. No return of symptoms.

Eric, 13-year-old male: Soccer, basketball and baseball player. Pain for two and one-half years. Used the micronutrients, completely pain free in 5 weeks. Running up to 30 laps of the gym per day. At 14 was 5’11” tall with a 11 1/2 shoe. Made the HS basketball team.

Missi & Mindy: Twin soccer players. On almost the very eve of a championship game, one (center midfielder) came down with acute pain and was unable to play, and her fraternal twin (forward and goalkeeper) also complained of the typically sore area that identifies the disease. I was very concerned, because they were my own daughters. Then a lucky event occurred. A physician in the state of Washington, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD had been using a new method of treating apophyseal injuries. (These include Severs and Osgood-Schlatter Diseases as well as Ischial Apophysitis and “Little League Elbow”). I was fortunate enough to find his written comments on the method. I gave the recommended formula to the twins in the dosage (completely safe!) that he used. In one week, the “acute” cases’ major pain was resolved, and the “chronic” twin, although feeling some tenderness for almost one month, was no longer inhibited by her condition. This is how it started. I have since modified and improved the treatment by making it more effective and easier to comply with the regimen by reducing the number of capsules.